Spicy Moon

Event Marketing, Review Growth

Spicy Moon came to Tulen looking for a solution to book more private events for their private dining room at their new location.

Spicy Moon was struggling to manage inquiries and wanted a way to consistently book events at the venue. With their current event booking process not working, and having little to no automation, we wanted to help introduce them to a more straightforward and easy booking system.


Our Strategy

We introduced a custom ad strategy to drive more traffic to the venue. Running Google ads and Facebook ads, we increased their event inquiries by over 10x in the first month. This was a truly awesome result. 

But the secret wasn’t just in running paid ads. It was in our automation and AI-based follow-up. Just running advertising for Spicy Moon would have been a disaster as, at the point when we arrived, they were not operationally prepared to manage 200 plus inquiries per month. The key to our continued success is actually in event follow-up. Not only did we increase the number of leads monthly by a huge amount, but we also took on and managed all lead follow-up, taking all potential prospects and making sure they each were led down our custom sales process.

We quickly increased the number of inquiries for private events at Spicy Moon, but really, where we made a true impact was in our lead-follow-up process, checking venue availability, qualifying prospects, and helping manage everything up to the point of an event sale. At Tulen, our service is not just about generating leads. We actually book events.

Some Events we booked