Blue Valley Bistro

Private Event booking, Review Growth, Full Service Marketing

Blue Valley Bistro Reached out to us when they reached what they thought was a revenue threshold of 1 million a year and wanted to grow past that point.

We decided to take on the project as we saw they had an amazing brand online, and with the right approach, we felt we could grow and connect guests online through a combination of paid marketing and direct email and sms campaigns. 

Curating new digital guest experiences and inviting new customers is our current focus at blue Valley Bistro and we continue to introduce new and unique was for customers to interact with them online. 

Our Strategy

When we came to Blue Valley Bistro, they had a database of 0 people and no way of connecting to guests online through email and SMS. They also felt like they had been posting on social media, but their content wasn’t reaching new customers. 

We started out by running paid ads to grow their database and using them to collect customer data. The important part was the type of data we collected. Guests’ birthdays, favorite food choices, and how many times they had visited the venue. At Tulen, we strongly believe in personalization, as opposed to promotion. With the use of AI, we are now able to do so much more with customer data, sending personalized birthday emails and checking in on regulars who haven’t come to the venue for a while. 

Paid ads are a big focus at Blue Valley Bistro. Our major campaigns have been booking more private events and weekday corporate events during off hours in the afternoon. Sending new customers specials to get them to come into the venue. And building a robust birthday breakfast program. 

Across the board, we are working with Blue Valley Bistro to grow and curate guest experiences and really drive customer engagement through multiple channels paid and organic. After adding our event booking services, they now average around 6 private events per month during their weekdays and off hours which has been an awesome result. 


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